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Hooks & Keyracks

It is often the small details that, in sum, create a powerful overall home décor look.  These hooks and keyracks from Nantucket General Store deliver on that by providing nautical accents to any coastal home.  Most Nantucket houses are filled with these type of nautical design accents whether they are used for hanging coats, towels, boating gear, keys, or kitchen items.   

Fish Bone Key Rack

$ 20.00

Fish Hook

$ 7.50

Fish Key Rack with 4 Hooks

$ 18.00

Lobster Hook

$ 7.50

Lobster Hook Rust Colored

$ 7.50

Scallop Shell Hook

$ 7.50

Starfish Hook

$ 7.50

Whale Tail Wall Hook

$ 14.00

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